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2.2e Released 02/21/2004
Okay, not all of the bugs were vanquished in 2.2d, so here we go again.
SANS 2004 CDI West 02/12/2004
Late in January one of our members attended a SANS conference in San Diego, CA where he gave a small presentation on packet crafting.
Release fest 2004 02/09/2004
We've had more bugfix releases than I could keep up with last week. Now with 2.2d released, it appears the majority of the major bugs have been vanquished.

"Ahead warp factor one, Mr. Leslie" - Captain Kirk "The Conscience Of The King"
Latest Release: v2.2e - 02/20/2004

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MIDAS RoadMap v2.2 - Last Updated: 01/26/2004
Enhancements Coded Tested Documented
MIDASc client for Win32 OS Yes Yes Yes
Support HUP/KILL/TERM signals in Apps Yes Yes None
autoconf/automake configure script Yes Yes Yes
MIDASn code portability Yes Yes None
Host/Group Security Support Moved to 2.3 - -
IDS Inhancements (Will list specifics later) Moved to 2.3 - -
Major Bug Fixes Coded/Fixed Tested Documented
MySQL open socket scaling bug Yes Yes None
MIDASb HID bug Yes Yes None
MIDASn Memory Leak Yes Yes None
NOTE: MySQL v3.x.x will no longer be supported in the future releases of MIDAS (Starting with v2.2).
Expected Release Date: 01/26/2004 (Released)
MIDAS RoadMap v2.3 - Last Updated: 02/12/2004
Enhancements Coded Tested Documentation
WebView: Host/Group Security In progress - -
WebView: User Preferences - - -
IDS Enhancements (Will list specifics later) In progress - -
Major Bug Fixes Coded/Fixed Tested Documented
Expected Release Date: Unknown
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