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2.2e Released 02/21/2004
Okay, not all of the bugs were vanquished in 2.2d, so here we go again.
SANS 2004 CDI West 02/12/2004
Late in January one of our members attended a SANS conference in San Diego, CA where he gave a small presentation on packet crafting.
Release fest 2004 02/09/2004
We've had more bugfix releases than I could keep up with last week. Now with 2.2d released, it appears the majority of the major bugs have been vanquished.

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Latest Release: v2.2e - 02/20/2004

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What is MIDAS?
MIDAS is a cross platform Monitoring and NIDS server. The goal of this project is to build a robust and complete network/system monitoring suite that is capable of scaling to very large networks.
    MIDAS Features:
  • Fully centralized Configuration. Minimal Client configuration required.
  • The ability to assign any check to any client or multiple clients.
  • Clients ability to fail over to multiple servers.
  • Support a wide range of checks built in : TCP/UDP port, SNMP OID's, CPU, RAM, Logs, MD5 file check, Processes and External applications (Ie plugins).
  • Built in RRD graphing support. The ability to graph almost anything that a check returns (Ie SNMP, CPU, Logs, MD5, etc).
  • Fully support Netsaint/Nagios plugins.
  • Fully Support Big Brother Clients.
  • Optimized Snort NIDS Support. MIDAS does not rely on the built in DB support of Snort. Instead it uses the raw output of the application, stores packet information localy and only sends to the server the specific packet information when an alert occurs. This greatly reduces the overhead of using Snort.
MIDAS Current Status
MIDAS is under going a major rewrite from the ground up. MIDAS (v1) had come to a point where the code was no longer supporting the features that where planned for upcoming versions.
    Goals of 2.x:
  • MUCH cleaner code and compile process.
  • Much cleaner install process.
  • Use of XML through out Application and as underlying client/server protocol.
  • Greater Flexability in check options and the type of checks.
  • Statistical logging. Stats from Client applications being stored and used to generate reposts.
  • Encryption of communication between client and server applications. This includes Snort packet alerts/data.
  • A native Win32 Client written using VC++.
  • and what ever else we think of :-)
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